Crazy, exiting day!

Busy and exiting day! Today was crazy! So many thing going on.
Tomorrow it's our graduation and on Sunday it's our party. We have been preparing everything, doing the decorations, making decisions and all that kind of things.
Today Anna went to the salon to get her hair straighten, i stayed at the house making more decorations, my dad and mom went out to buy thing for the party on Sunday and Enid was at work.
after that my mom came back and we went to pick up Anna and to buy flowers for our party. My dad was at the barbershop getting a haircut . We came back and went straight to Karla's house (my uncle's wife, how lives next door) because she is going to put us some makeup for tomorrow, so she wanted to try and see what we like and how we wanted to be like. When we return from trying the makeup on, I entered to my home and my dad said "Well Andrea we have good news," and I was like what??? and i immediately thought that the scholarship had called to tell me that I had my first interview. And My mom said YES and it's tomorrow!! TOMORROW?  YES! So many emotions!
The graduation will end about 1:00pm and my interview is at 2:30pm, I'm so happy, excited and nervous and so so thankful because I know that the Lord will be there with me and that He is in control.
After talking with my parents about that we had to come back to reality and start preparing everything for the afternoon. We had to be at the rehearsal for the graduation at 2:30pm.
Enid wanted to cut her hair so my dad went to pick her up at work and took her to the salon and, while they were doing that we were having lunch. My dad came back and ate fast and we left the house around 1:45pm. We went to pick up Enid at the salon and then start our journey to the city. There was a big landslide and it covered half of the highway, so there was so so much traffic. Oh rain, rain. We arrived at the rehearsal at 3:00 or 3:30pm and not everybody was there. The rehearsal was a bit unorganized and poor lady who was organizing all of it, it was just like a mess. At the end of the thing i was very tired, exhausted and with a headache. We left the school around 6:15pm and went to our grandparents house, because we wanted that the traffic cleared a little bit. We ate pizza and then we found out that there had been another landslide. so we left there house at 9:17pm and there was not traffic, thank God!. We got home at 10:20pm. oh what a crazy day! We were so tired!
 Now it's 10:58pm and I'm writing this. I am grateful for this blog, to be able to write and remember this day forever. To see back to this time and be grateful.
Every day goes by so fast and I can't believe tomorrow we are graduating! after all these years, the day is finally here! So excited! This weekend it's going to be unforgettable  Thank you Jesus!

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