Hi there October!

Hi you all! We have had a tough week last week. School is almost over and we are studying like crazy for finals. Oh boy! October is here and i am dying over excitement. October is my favorite month and i love that it is finally here. I love the weather, the feeling of school being over + everybody it's on vacations, getting ready for Christmas, more free time...etc. For this month we have big things coming up, for like a example our graduations! Eeeeee! so excited and can't wait.
October first was the kids day here in Guatemala. This past weekend we went to a orphanage with the youth group to make to the kids a little celebration. (post coming up on that)
This 9th it's our last day of school!
on Sunday 13th comes a sweet family friend from Florida. We are very happy to see her!
The 19th we have a concert with the youth group.
We are about to start to plan our graduation party...and the 26th it's our graduations.
I just mentioned some of the thing will happen on this wonderful month and we are very happy to be able to share them with you on this little space! So get ready people!
Hope you enjoy October!
xo Andrea.

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