Quiche part II

Hey there!
so on Sunday we prepare a sunday school class for the kids at the village, it was so great, all the kids were so happy and excited. I just love every single kid in there.
Thankful for this weekend in Quiche, thankful for the kids a got to hug, thankful for each mountain a got to see, for the perfect weather, for being able to see new places in my Guatemala, for the 12 hours in the car, for good music, for the new food a got to try, for good fellowship, for His love, for His protection during the travel, for His creation, for an incredible chauffeur who help us get to the huge mountains, thankful for the sweet community who welcomed us with so much love, thankful that I got to see/meet Rafael and his family...etc. THANK YOU JESUS for this wonderful weekend.
and here is a video of our trip. Enjoy!

Chuche, Quiche 2013 from Anna and Andrea on Vimeo.

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