Birthday + weekend

This past Saturday was our Mom´s birthday, so she decided she wanted to go to the farm, we woke early in the morning on Friday and drove over there, this is like our favorite place to go on the weekends and we just don´t get bored of it.
 on Saturday we all woke her up in her room with her gift and hugs !! we are so thankful for her life and for the all the things she does for us , she truly is the best and we could no be more happy to celebrate her birthday with what she loves.
 after we left the farm we went to the market to get some things . this place is so cool , all the beautiful people in it and all the colors , is just perfect.
then we went to this place not to far from there call Tecpan to have lunch.
so thankful for our family and the Joy we have to have each other and enjoy weekends like this one
Happy Birthday Mom !! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH 

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    Love your braid!