Quiche Part I

This past weekend my Dad and I and three other people from church went to Quiche.
Our church is helping a community there called Chuche, the community is in need of school classrooms, so us (the church) collected money to build 4 new classrooms. It was so wonderful to see the whole church giving and being generous, the Lord moved our hearts to bless others.
So on Friday we left the city and head up to the mountains and the countryside, we spend 6 hours in the car, the view was beautiful the mountains and the landscapes were so incredibly beautiful. We stayed in a hotel in Nevaj called "Utz la ja" that means "good home". Chuche is an hour by car from Nebaj. So on Friday we just walk around Nevaj and rest a bit and prepare ourselves for Saturday.
On Saturday we went to Chuche. They welcomed us with so much love and respect. it was so sweet. 
  We were there all day long getting to  know the place and the people.
It was so cool to see all the men building  the first Christian church in there community.
Later in the day we had the opportunity to meed for the first time Rafael (the kid we sponsor) and his family. We gave him gifts and got to know his family more. His family of 8 lives in a small room with three beds. I love this sweet boy so much! So thankful that we can sponsor him.
part 2 coming soon. xo Andrea.

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