Semana Santa Part I

hey you all !!
a couple of weeks ago we went for a trip with our whole family to Izabal . My Uncle has a house there and every year we go for a week as a family , its beautiful. we spent the first three days just relaxing , and reading , and eating lots of good food , the weather was not in our favor , it rained all day long for those first days. so on Thursday we went to Rio Dulce for the day, just to get out and the sun was up and shinning, we had a blast , this place means a lot to my mom ,Because she would spend summers here with her cousins and family and it brought to many memories to my grandparents and our mom and her brother. we eat that amazing sea soup up there and there is no words to describe how perfect was it , it really was a good day :) we have more to share soon.
Xoxo Anna & Andrea.

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  1. I love these pictures!!!! They are so wonderful!:)