life in school

okay so where to begin with this post ..
first life in school its going good , in homeshcool we work for months and at the end of the month we have tests  , in some ways its a great way to work because you have to study what you learn on the month, but sometimes it can get a little hard because the month goes so fast that it feels like you are always doing exams or test. The first three months of the year were pretty stressful and hard , just getting used to a new routine and new subjects...
last week we started a new month, it feels good to have new books ( the books are for three months )
is just like fresh start , as our mom calendars the next three months we found out that is going to be so light than the last ones, which is good in so many ways !!
a) this week we will be doing school just three days because the Lord brought an amazing opportunity for us ( can´t wait to share it here )
b) June and July are going to be super busy with so many exciting things , we have been invited to translate in some conferences for a week .
c) in July a group from the church I (Anna ) went back in Florida is coming to Guatemala for a mission trip for a week and I am going to be able to be part of them .
its amazing how the Lord has bless us with things like this ones , it shows us ones again how much He loves us and His faithfulness in our lives
this are the things that we are so thankful for being homeshcool and how the Lord brings great opportunity's so that we can serve .
so here's to a great month of school because come on is our LAST YEAR , woohoo
Happy Monday :)

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