life is beautiful in this place

this is the most beautiful, peaceful,calm,wonderful and loving place
last weekend we spent sometime with our grandparent in there beautiful farm , this place is full of beauty, every where you go you will See something to admire.
On Friday morning my mom and I went for a walk just the two of us and took some pictures, the weather was perfect ,the sun was up and the there was a little breeze , like I said just perfect
I was also super excited to take my film camera and take some shots, I haven´t revealed them yet but I am sure there going to be beautiful.
going to this place it really shows us how amazing our God is , all His creation is perfect all that He did Glorifies Him , you see how birds fly and you see His faithfulness in it. every little butterfly or flower is His creation . I am just amazed by all o it
anyways we had a good time as a family .
xoxo Anna

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