what this blog is about ??

What this blog is about !! 

Well ok what this blog is about ??? 
That is a really good questing ,

when we fist thought about doing a blog together
we thought this blog it has to be to inspire others
it should be for sharing our lives and all 
but the important of it has to be about how the Lord is changing our lives
how he is blessing us what are we learning from his word 
and how sometimes we get discourage but always look forward for a new day ,
and all this for create a community who grows together  in Him ;)
because come on my friend at the end of the day we are nothing with out HIM !!

2 shine bright 
yep that is what we are here for 
to shine bright 
to show the love of our savior to inspire others by the way we live our lives 
to really make a difference
to shine as bright as we can 
for his glory 
for his kingdom 

to show the world that He is everything and that the only thing that we need to make our life complete is Him !! 
so lets shine bright my friend 

 join in and enjoy as we grow together ;)  

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