Weekend at Antigua

Hi you all! wow can't believe it is already Tuesday. We have been really busy over here, our older sister it's graduating from preschool teacher this Friday and on Saturday we are making a party for her, there is a lot of things that we need to prepare and think about, her party theme it's about TEACHERS. We are all so excited for this weekend.

 Now lets talk about last weekend. It was too incredible.On Friday morning we went to a beautiful old city called Antigua, which is about two hours from our house.. This city it's so lovely and we love going there, we had a good time with my family and with our best friend. The food is delicious, the weather is perfect,the people are too nice and all you can do while you are there it's smile and enjoy.We also spent the night there with some relatives( they are the sweetest ) We went to the market on Saturday morning, wow the market there it's sooo much FUN. was incredible to see so many people selling lots of fruit and vegetables and flowers ohh my!! There were a ton of different flowers.

I just can get enough of this beautiful place.
When I was there watching that old city and just looked old houses and churches, which have been there for centuries, the only thing I thought about was the love of the Lord, His love will always be the same and it will never change. And though the years and centuries passed, and each year we get older and older Hi will NEVER EVER CHANGE. Isn't that amazing? 
Never forget that.
Here are some pictures we took, enjoy.

xo Andrea.

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