It's over

Hi how are you all? we are great, we are off of school, the 5 of October was our last exam and we were so happy it was over . we are so happy that school for this year is over and we are enjoying our vacations.

We are so grateful and so thankful for this year.
At the end of the year of school we always thank our mom for her work and for always being there for us.
This last couple of months we have been struggling with being homeschool, 
i mean we love it and we could not wish for something beater,
but sometimes you feel alone and without Friends, or anyone you can talk to,
and i know that you must be thinking "but you have each other" 
and we know that,
we love each other,
and we are so thankful for each other. 
We just wish for people and friends who could just encourages us.

I know that the Lord has everything in control and that He knows us and ours stugles, 
we love homeschool and we know that the Lord wants us here for a purpose.
We have learned that no matter what we have or what we don't have,
not matter if we don't have friends or if we do,
all we need is HIM
not things or people, 
We just need to look for Him and seek Him so we can find rest, peace,encouragement and satisfaction and so much more. 
xo Andrea.

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