Last week

hey guys !! so happy you are here :) how was your weekend ??
ok so our weekend was awesome we did pretty good things and learn so much too
but lets not talk about that right now .
last week was maybe one of the hardest weeks we ever had
man it was horrible , there was so much work to do and we practically did nothing
i know i know , but knowing that you have stuff to do and not doing it is a horrible feeling.
but ok not everything was bad
on wednesday our best friend came back from her vacation so we went to pick her up at the airport 
is so good to have her back after a month and half , so yes that was really exciting .
and then again thursday ahhh man lets just say it was not the best day
and then friday wich was really good !!! yay it was finally friday :)
we went out for dinner and had a blast with my family
anyways the weekend was so awesome ,it was one of my favorites
we went to the youth group and ahh how to say it , it was just perfect
there is no words to describe it , God did amazing things in the people that were there .
God really touch my heart on saturday and i know the Lord is doing great thing in all of us 
i have been having a burden for the youth group ,but all i have to do now is pray
i know the Lord has big plans for all of us individually and as a group
He is the one who´s going to make us stronger
He is going to make us with more pasion for Him and His word
He is going to make us the light where there is non
He is going to make people come to Him through us
so all i have to do now is pray , pray and pray .
sunday was another great day !!
church was awesome we learn so much and I feel so mcuh coneccted with the Lord right now.
and in the afternoon we went to visit our grandparents , had been so long without going to there house
so it was really good to see them and spending time with them .

so you see at the end of the day it really wasn´t that bad , we started this week with so much joy and ready for the week and for all the things that have to be done
and we are going to make them with our best effort .

I am just loving this week and it is just Tuesday!! ha.

Xoxo Anna

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