Hey guys how are you all ?? how was your weekend ? I bet it was good, mine was !!

i have been thinking about my life lately and life in general
about where my life is going
He put me here for a resaon not just by chance, he has a purpose for my life and a good one ,for sure, and one for you too .
they are times that i feel afraid when i hear the word "Future" because i am not sure yet what i am going to do 
but that is what life is about 
about trusting God
about having faith in Him 
He is the one who knows my future and holds it with Hes own hands 
and all i have to do now is rest in Him rest knowing that He knows what is best for me .

The Lord is so good !! I am so amazed and thankful for His amazing love to me !! Lord thank YOU for having my life and my FUTURE in your own hands !! and for that I can rest in PEACE.

Xoxo Anna 

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