ok so homeschool !!
it has been a big part of our lives
we could say we have always been homeschool
exept from one year (first grade).
We did all the preschool years at home and then, well our parents decided that we where going to a normal school
ok so first grade
wow that was so long ago , but we still remember it haha
it was ok , after that year we went back to the house for the rest of our school years
since second grade we have been homeshcool .
if we like it ? yes we do, although it was not like that all the time
you know when you  are like 13 and you just have those thoughts that you don´t have friends or
"hey i live in a little bubble "or you don´t get to be around people that much
yes that was a long time ago too
but we have to accept is not easy all the time , you have to have so much responsibility and dedication. but right now ( just one year left of school ) we could not be more happy and blessed
by being homeschool , of course it took us a while to understand that that was God´s plans for us.
He has taught us so much through homeshcool and those things are going to be with us for the rest of our lives .
we have enjoyed so much and had so many amazing times with our parents .and
sharing us like sisters and best friends has been wonderful.

so yeah we love homeschool.
Xoxo Anna and Andrea


  1. I just found your blog, and its lovely. you are lovely.