I can't seem to get my head around the fact that its over!
5 months of hard work have come to an end
. Sunday September 6th was my last day and as the day ended I could not contain the tears, got home and burst in tears for almost two hours, why!? 

Guys this whole chapter of my career and of my life was probably the hardest so far. I was so drained (still am ) in so many ways, physical, emotional and spiritual, a lot of things made this day so emotional and crazy.

First I could not contain my excitement for getting in and starting but after 2 weeks in the thing started to look real and it all started to become harder and harder, not just only in the hotel but in my life, I was not able to go to church for all that time + I was more time home alone in the weekends and well my life practically was just working and working. thankfully I was able to meet other girls who were interns as me and made good friendships and we would support us in all.

this one time we where serving at the buffet on a Sunday and after serving we would always go to eat some left overs or go to the bathroom after being 4 hours with out moving and serving all the people, so on that particular Sunday this girl that works there came and started screaming at us and yelling us that we where not helping her with her stuff and that why we where back yet and that why we took so long in the bathroom and blah blah blah.... anyways that moment was the worst moment of all those 5 months, I started crying and could not say anything, I was in shock, and after that nothing was the same in that place, she literally was the worst, they all took advantage from us just by being interns and they made us do what they did not wanted to do. ughhh.

okay so after days like this ones and then going home and finding out what everybody else did on there weekend made it even harder.
God provided me a church just across the street that had services at 6:00pm on Sundays so I was able to attend and to make good friendships and have fellowship with other believers. so that helped A LOT.

the last 2 months where so hard, I was exhausted all the time and the people started to be mean and bad with me and the whole atmosphere of the kitchen turned in a really unlikely place, I guess it was because I knew them well enough to discover not so really good things about them and the place.

and then the last month I thought "This will never be over" and people kept saying to me "Just one more month, see it all went so fast" and I was like -_- "you have no idea, so can you not say that please" of course I never told them that, hahaha.

two weeks left and the anxiety of being over took control of me and I would live day by day suffering and hoping that everyday could go as fast as possible BUTT unfortunately they did not, those 2 weeks where the longest of the 5 months there. and finally on September 6 I finished.... woohoo.

but I am so thankful for God's grace and love for me and for always giving me the strength I need it every day!The Lord really used this to form my character, and to make me even more stronger in my beliefs and in my relationship with Him! And for that I PRAISE HIM 

This place taught me a lot, about life and about the industry of cooking

things that I could not have learned if it wasn't for that place. 

Feeling thankful and grateful for everyone who prayed and supported me through this!
love love love.

XOXO Anna.

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