video #3 // Vlogs

Hello people!
Today we want to share our favorite vloggers. 
We have been so into these for a while and we totally love them. Enjoy!

Sam and Jennika and their little baby Noah, Just the cutest 1º + funniest family sharing their daily life on youtube. Such a joy watching them.

oh Essie Button...she is awesome. we absolutely love her videos. She has a beauty channel and also her vlog channel. She lives in London with her boyfriend Aslan, both of them are amazing.

Bethany Marie is photographer and fashion blogger located in Seattle. She specializes in portraiture, landscapes, advertisement, and shoots mobile campaigns. She started to vlog her adventures last year, go check her channel.

Stef and Hannah live in  London while they are raising their little baby Graison. She is a blogger, YouTube vlogger, makeup artist and founder of maggslondon.co.ukand   Their vlogs are the best, they have great music and fabulous cinematographer that makes them even cooler. They post weekly on their channel. 

 Caleb & Shawn  are friends who are filmmakers with a love for the outdoors, they vlog and make cool videos of their adventures. Both of them are merried with wounderful girls, Ariana (Calebs wife) Ellie (Shawns Wife).

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