Back to blogging again! Woot woot! Guys I (we) have been so busy lately with so many things, culinary school + projects, youth group, church and so much more! I really don't know where to start this post, there's so much To tell!

 1st: Culinary school is going great! In March I finished my practices at the restaurant in Intecap which means that now I have to do 800 hrs of practices somewhere else, restaurant or hotel (my choice). Since the beginning I wanted to be Westin Camino Real which is one if the best hotels here in the city! I could say a dream! Ruth (my best friend from culinary school) and I both wanted to get in at that hotel so badly! Got all of our paper work together and send it to the lady in charge of that in the Hotel. we both got the interview the same day, hers at 3:00 pm and mine at 3:30pm,

goodness we were so nervous! I left that day knowing that was the place God wanted me to be! You know when people say that just by being in a place you feel it, if it's the place or not, for you,

well I felt it there, i really saw myself working there.
After that day all that was left was the waiting and the praying! 2 weeks past and I still had no response from the hotel and I was starting to get worried and anxious about it! Every day I would check my email if there was some news and no, never. I would always be waiting for my phone to ring and that a random phone number would pop from the screen, and maybe it be from the hotel, but no!
And then thursday night as I was in the shower after geting home late the phone ring, someone was calling, and as I glimps with my eyes I look it it was a random number, got out of the showerd all wet and responded, IT WAS THE HOTEL SAYING THAT I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO DO MY PRACTICES THERE!!! What!???

Woohoo! Ended the call, got back in the shower and finishing and ran out to my parents room to share the news!!! We all so excited! And then Ruth just texted me "Anna!!!" I knew in that moment that they have called her too! Called her right away and in that moment, goodness we both were speechless! I can't believe it.

I am going to learn so much in this place and I just can be more thankful to God for opening this new opportunity and for putting me in this amazing place! I know is going to be hard and this new chapter will bring new challenges but God as always will get me through this with Victory and I can`t wait to see how the Lord will continue to use me and how He will change me and transformed through this.

I start in april 6th! Here's to this new chapter of my career and new adventures!

xoxo Anna.

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