He is enough

Today! God just opened up my heart and revealed to me things that I hide or actually I am in denial of. It hurts so much, i don’t want to accept it, but I have to. God is reminding me that He is enough to make me whole.

I don’t need anyone to be complete, or more friends, things, more money, etc. 
He is enough. God showed me something & it really broke me into pieces. God is enough! 
I just need to grasp of this truth all the time, every day!
Then I realized, God will break you into pieces to remind you that He is enough; and that He is the only One that you need for you to be made whole. 
God is emptying me up, so He can fill me. Its hard but I know i’ll be victorious in this matter, God knows best. God is enough.

I realized I am nothing, I can't do this thing called life by my self, 
I am weak. & God wants his power to flow through my weakness.

xo Anna.

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