Our new years trip // Honduras

we got there on the 27th of December and we stayed at this house with our grandma.
 the next day our little cousins came to stay with us as well at the house and family came to visit in the afternoons. on the 31th all the family was there and we had a blast.
the next day we had a big lunch with more family and that was our last full day there.

 the whole trip was a blast, we got to spent some time with our grandma and with the rest of the family, we love them all so freaking much and we miss them so much. 
as we left on December 2 to El Salvador at 5am in the morning we all cried, its so hard to have our family from my dads side so far away.
 we had so much fun with all of them and we look forward to the next time.
our family in Honduras lives in the mountains so the sunrises where beautiful every day
// Charamuscas: best ice creams ever //
// Posol //
// Lempiras //
Cutes baby ever! 
//Back in Guate//
we made a video through out the whole trip, we will be posting it soon! 
xoxo a+a

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