life in the city +

okay so life in the city is pretty exciting! why?? let me tell you why...
everyday I fall more in love with this city. the streets, the people, the lights, the cars, the buildings, the stores, etc. my life consists in getting up very early , have breakfast pretty fast and leave the house and walk to the bus station ( which thankfully is close to my house) and get to school 15min later! work in the restaurant or go to classes depending on the day and finally heading back home late in the afternoon, again take the bus and walk home! so thats pretty much it! 
I love what I do and I couldn't be happier of what I am studying.
God has been so amazingly awesome with me this past 6 months (well he always has) in every way possible, in the smallest things He shows me He is with me no matter what, 
He has been so real to me.
I have struggled so much with this whole new process of living here and the change of being homeshcooled to being in culinary school! I knew this world existed but actually being in it is such a different thing, 
I have struggled with not being with my family, there are moments when you just feel so alone, even thought your not, all the finding friends process has been good but in a way it has been super complicated, for differet reasons! 
But I am beyond thatnkful for having the Lord by my side all the time, as I said, He has been so real to me, that even in the smalest things He is showing me that everlasting love, His grace, His power over everything, and He has also shown me that I have influence, influence around the people that I do life with every week, a good influence over them, 
people have come asking me for help, prayer, advice, and I am sure that is God saying "here is where I want you Anna, and this is why"! I know He will keep using me to bring people closer to Him and yeah thats the purpose in life, lead people to the feet of Jesus, and that they may know there is hope and salvation only through Him alone. 

so yeah that how my life has been, I am just so thankful to be alive and to be where I am right now.
there is no greater joy and satisfaccion than living that true fulfilling life in Him!

P.S. heres A few pictures I have taken thought out the weeks! 
Xoxo Anna.

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