A day in the beautiful Antigua

On Tuesday Anna had the day off so we wanted to do something fun, so we went to Antigua, the last time we went to Antigua was on August, last year (see post here and here). first we went to the market; mom wanted to by some fruit and so we did. Markets are one of my favorite places ever, seriously, everything about them is so great; all the happy people selling things there, the kids running around everywhere, all the colors, the fresh fruit and vegetables + the flowers ... is just great. then we went walking all over the place, we stopped at a candles shop and the owner was so sweet to us, she even gave us a candle for free; Those kinds of people are the most beautiful, we had a really nice conversation with her and we walk out of that place with big smiles on our faces. we bought handmade candy, we had lunch in the park and at the end we did a short visit to family. 
we left that place feeling very happy and inspired
hope you like the pictures + we wish you a wonderful weekend!
xoxo a+a


  1. What a lovely place!!


    1. Yes it is!! is one of our favorite places here in Guate :)