Busy busy busy!

Life is going fast and time does not stop! not even for a bit, the more busy we get the less we take a moment to appreciate all the simple little things in this world.
Lately we have been crazy busy with collage, lots and lots of homework + super long schedules.
sometimes it feels like you can never sit for a second and relax, 
I am living here in the City the whole week and go back home for the weekends,
its been so hard not being with my family, i miss them so much, and well Andrea has had a week of exams and a lot of things to do too! 
We love this blog so much and sense the beginning of this year we knew we wanted to make it better ( post more, get more inspiration going on here, take lots of pictures, make a place to share our lives, and especially to share with you our beautiful country) 
but we also knew it was going to be hard with all this new life, we have big plans and many ideas for this little place in the future,
to start we are about to start a new series in a couple of days about all the amazing places here in Guatemala, there is so many little places here that inspire us to do this series and share with you all the place we call home!

Anyways we feel very lucky to be able to share life with you all and we will try to do our best + this is a place for us to one day go back and remember how amazing this years where!

We promise to do our best!
XoXo Anna

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