Birthday denner with friends

we celebrated our birthday a couple weeks  ago with our dearest friends with a dinner after youth group, we had such an amazing time, we eat some delicious home made pizza, each one could make there own with the ingredients they wanted! the whole night was a huge blessing
these are the kind of friends who are forever, we have known each other for years,  and the thing that has brought us closer is the big passion we share to serve the Lord and to live for Him. this are the kind of friends you can be yourself with, the ones you can share a struggle and you know they will pray for you.
we are beyond thankful for having them in our lives. we do not know what we will do with out you guys,  we look forward for all the amazing adventures to come in the years and we ask the Lord for our friendship to grow stronger and that we could be able to keep serving and worshipping the Lord together!
Maria Jose, Sergio, Gloria, Enid, Ana Ruth, Maco: we love you all and we are more than thankful for your life and for having you guys in our lives! mucho love a + a

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