Three exciting things

1. Last week Enid had a interview at a Preschool and she got the job. This is her first official job. Today was her first day. We are so happy for her and for this new chapter of her life. this is a response form God to our prayers and we are so thankful. :)

2. Our dad is coming home today from being away for a week. He was visiting and spending time with family in Honduras. We had miss his terribly, we can wait to have him back.

3. Today we were invited to help translating at ISP Conferences in November here in Guatemala. At the beginning of this year we had the opportunity to do the same, and it was wonderful. we are excited and even thought is like three months away, we are happy and we look forward to it!

Hope you have a great week!
Happy Monday :)
xoxo a+a

P.S my mom baked this awesome pumpkin bred to welcome my dad! it was AMAZING...

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