This weekend was great. It all started it on friday when Mom and Dad left for the farm at 6:00am in the morning. We got up and had breakfast, it was a quiet morning. Then school, after that we had to clean and get the house ready because some friend were coming over for a sleep over party. Had lunch just the three of us and had a Little chat together. 
They came over in the afternoon and we just talk and laugh. They are three sister also and our parents are pastors too. We had known each other since we were kids, it's been fun to remember and see were we are now. We don't see each other that much so when ever we do it's always so much fun and there are so so mane laughs.
We went for a walk, watched movies, ate lots of ice cream + popcorn...
Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast and talked some more. They are special friends who  are forever. They are the funniest and sweetest and we love them very much. Thank you girls for this two fun days.
Before lunch Dad and Mom came back and we went over to a birthday party. On Saturday afternoon we had youth group, it's always great to have them over at the house and learn more about Jesus together. I felt like Saturday and Sunday were so inspiring, the people that we saw and spoke, going to church, had dear friend over for lunch...
Sunday night we went over to Leani's house to celebrate Marcos's 18th birthday, i thing we had five different types of cakes on this weekend haha. Anyways it's was fun.

P.S. Leani came on Monday after being away one month in Florida at a Camp, we are so happy she is back with us.
have a good week :) xoxo a+a

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