Okay I am going to share some of the things that I am excited for this weekend + things that happened this week that I am so thankful that the weekend its here!!
1) we had exams this week and I could not be more happy that it is all over.
2) Andrea and my Dad are off to Quiche for the weekend so its just me and my Mom for the weekend.
3) youth is here in our house tomorrow
4) church on Sunday
5) on Monday will be 2 weeks before Enid gets on a plane and comes home , can´t wait to see her.
its been a really long time since the last time I felt that the weekend was going to be good , school has been so hard the last couple of months that is really hard to enjoy the weekends because there is always something else to do . But this one I am just going to try to enjoy it as best as possible , watch as many movies or tv shows as I can , enjoy the time with my mom, have fun with friends , enjoy church and pray that the next week will be a good one.
Happy Weekend y'all

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