Family lunch + how much we love our Mom

Today we had a family lunch to celebrate the 4 mom's in  the family. We eat outside in the garden and eat good food.
We are so grateful and thankful for the Mother that the Lord gave us, she is the best mom in the whole wide world. she is a women who is always looked and asked God for wisdom to be able to guide us in His way.
 She is full of life and light.
 She is always happy and grateful for everything.
She is a genius, she really is! 
everything she does she does it the best that she can.
She is super smart and always motivates, inspires and encourages people around her.
We have a beautiful, gorgeous, lovely,awesome, marvellous mother.
Mom we Love you to the moon and back.
Your example is the best and every day we are grateful for your life, love, patience, dedication, etc..
Mom ohh Dear mom: thank you for all that time that you dedicate us since we where little,
thank you for saying no to some things, to stay with us,
 thank you for being the best teacher,
 for those long days of school right next to us,
 for always encourages us to do whats right and what honors our God.
with so much love Anna and Andrea

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there in the world, may God bless you :) 

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