on my mind

ohh boy where to began
for the past few days i haven´t been here
in reality
my mind is in another planet , i have been thinking so much about my trip
so many thoughts come into my mind and boom i could spend hours and hours thinking about that
i mean i travel last year and i know how it is and everything
but the thing is that i feel the same way as i felt last year
it is like a whole new place where i don´t know the people
and i have to make new friends
it is not that i don´t like to make friends or talk to people because i do
i love people i love making new friends

like my sister she when back on Tuesday to Indiana to the same family that have her last year
back to the same church and friends that she already knew from last year

i don´t know where this is going ... sorry
but seriously i feel so many things right now
i am happy
and thankful
and excited
and blessed
and on on and on ...

ahh I feel so bless because the Lord has Provided for me to go
and if he has provided is for a reason
He has something for me there
He has great things for me on this trip
i know He wants me to learn more about Him and His word

i am forever thankful for this opportunity that He is giving me one again
thank you JESUS !!!
so so excited for you have for me and for what i am going to learn and experience with you
because you are coming with me i am not going by myself YOU ARE COMING WITH ME !!

see you tomorrow Florida !!!

xo Anna

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