Hello from Florida

i am in FLORIDA !!!!
i got here on Sunday afternoon and ohh boy i love traveling by myself 
i love airports so much 
they are so much fun and so inspiring for me 
i know this sounds crazy but seriously i love them !!!

and in the minute a got my suitcases 
boom with the english
with the  weather
with the time change
but ohh man 
i know you are probably "but it was just 2 hours of difference not big deal"
i mean this was 5th day here i have finally started to feel normal again 
i had headaches and i was so confuse and lost and not me at all 
but you know the Lord is so good that i feel great right now 

that is why i am able to be writing this right now

i am so amazed for what the Lord is doing in  my life just being here and sharing with amazing people and
with Cindy especially , just sharing the word of God and studding His word has bless me so much i feel so happy and excited for what is next in this trip 
so thankful to be here 
i mean i have been here just 5 days and He is doing great things !!
although i miss Andrea so much :) 

okay i am off to bed 

xoxo Anna

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