UNIS Fashion Week // day one

UNIS Fashion week was awesome! every year my school organize a show for all of us, the designers, to present our designs, this year's name was Rambling Spirit. Every one was inspired in different countries. My inspiration was Morocco. this year was extra special because the whole thing was three days, in the morning we had conferences, where fashion photographers, fashion bloggers, designers came to gave us talks.
it was very interesting and fun meeting all those incredible people.
and at night were the runways. The first night , second and fourth year presented. we had to design one outfit for teenagers and the girls from the fourth grade where designing accessories.
it was such a wonderful experience. 
here are a few photos from the first day. 
It was a fun night for sure! 
 Guillermo Jop talk about his experience and his story as a fashion designer
 fashion photographers talking about how important in photography in this industry
 the co founder of Distefano shearing the Story of Diestefano.
 Andrea was my model and i could not hope for a better model to were my design
i was so bless by everyone how came to watch the show and support me! So thankful! 

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