From the Heart.

Truly meditating in God's word this morning! 

There's a whole new chapter in my life that I have to face, adjust & adapt! Asking God to fulfill me every day with new strength, grace & Love! 

As I will be more time alone in the city & working long hours in the weekends I am praying for God's presence in my life, that I not feel alone in this (for those of you who know me, know that this is something I struggle a lot) that I see + feel Him in all things, working in my life and using this time to really, transform me and create in me that dependence in Him.

Praying that this opportunity & experience can bring me closer to Him and that I may experience Him in a whole new way, & that at the end of this journey I could give Him the glory for all that He has done in my life!

God knows best & I am beyond thankful to be where He has put me in this World! 

Read this today and thought to myself this is it: 

"Life is in Christ, of Christ, through Christ, by Christ, with Christ, for Christ, from Christ. 
To live is Christ, and to die more of Christ." 

Praying and declaring to live for Him daily where he has planted me in, to be His witness in this world! #fromtheheart

xoxo Anna.

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