Santa Curz Mission Trip

Last week Enid and I were invited to interpreted at a mission trip in Santa Cruz. about thirty north Americans came to organize a vbs and a youth camp for the people from Quiche. it was my first time meeting this group of people and i didn't know what to expect, all thoug i was way to excited to go to the lovely land of quiche! let me tell you, it was way more than i could never expected! I'm so thankful for the big opportunity of serving my beloved Guatemala with a wonderful group of north americans who have a big heart for Jesus. Every single people i met during this week was a true inspiration! I'm an ordinary person who has been blessed with extraordinary opportunities and experiences, and this one was one of those!. The best part is that i got to learn more about God's character and i will forever be thankful for that.
The first three days we help with the vbs. the kids were more than adorable and i count`t stop smiling from seeing their beautiful faces.
this three siblings! oh my heart... Seeing them together all the time and taking care of each other with such attention, patients and kindness was seeing love in all it's expression. 
i was helping Lisa in the craft room. it was so inspiring to see such beautiful and creative crafts made by the kids
the last day we had over one hundred kids
 on thursday we walked around, went to the market and in the afternoon we did evangelism in the central park of Santa Cruz
watching and being part of something like this was a true gift from the Lord. shearing the gospel to the people was so powerful and there are no words to describe seeing people come to Christ and leading there lives to Jesus. this little guy over here was ready to share the gospel to anyone. He was brave and he knew what he was saying, he wasn`t afraid or nervous, he understands the gospel and he wanted to share it. seeing this boy do that and pray for this old man was so convicting.
this sunrise...so beautiful! 
i also got to see my sweet and special friend, Natalie while i was there.
Friday morning we went to Casa de Mi Padre and spend the morning playing with the kids. the older girls braid all the girls's hair and the boy's played soccer.
they also came to celebrate Christmas for the kids at Casa de Mi Padre. it is a special night were we have a fancy dinner and then the kids sing Christmas songs and received their presents. 
An evening filled with joy! 
Papa Shane with his kids
first they opened their stockings
this trip was a blessing! 

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