Happy 3 years!!!

today marks 3 years since we started this little blog,
we can't believe time has gone so fast and it feels that just like that it's 3 years now.
since we first began to know about blogs and started following a few of them, our eyes where open to a new thing,
in less than a month we became obsessed with reading blogs,
it was a resource of inspiration, new ideas, brands, photography, etc.
one of the things that has always been in our minds is how amazing it is that every single human being has a story, a story to tell.
God has giving us that story.
and for all this and more we decided on 2012 start our own!
the idea of doing this since day 1 is to document our lives, our pictures, our thoughts + try to inspire others to live to the fullest 
remember we only get one life!

this past 3 years have been amazing in so many ways!
so Happy 3 years dear blog! 

xoxo a+a

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