my life right now

The last four months have been the hardest and more difficult ever in my life.
i have felt alone and scared, i have felt defeated, and many times i have felt like I'm not going to make it, i feel weak, full of imperfections,
I'm scared of this life, of feeling like this forever, 
and every time i have to tell myself that this is temporary, it's not forever and that my heavenly father has a perfect plan and purpose. 
Many, many tears have failed from my eyes and lots of days i had contain many of them, until i get home and i can't take it any more and i let it all out. 
this season is not the best one and it's been hard trying to look for the good and beautiful things that this also brings. 
I feel like time has gone so slow but at the same time so fast and it has no giving me time to process everything, 
so I'm always running and trying to catch up on everything and I'm not enjoying it.

Every week goes by so fast and i feel like is not real, 
almost every day when I'm waking in the street to get to college and start my day, 
i have to remind myself that it's real, that this is my life now, and i have to be thankful. 
and i have to enjoy it.

Life is not gonna be like this forever... but for now it is, and this gives me hope:
"When I wait you strengthen my heart." Psalms 27:14


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