Surprise Birthday Party!

Okay so our birthday was the 24th, we had so much fun That weekend. On friday ,Leani (our best friend), invited us to stay at her house and have like a sleep over party, so we were excited and really looking forward to that. Her mom picked us up. so when we entered the house we saw balloons, and friend That shouted "Surprise Happy Birthday"
 We had so much fun, she prepared a lot of activities for the evening, first we change our clothes because we were going to play twister with paint, then a war of balloons full with water, then piƱata, then the cake (she make the mustache cake, i mean how amazing is that) and ate pizza and then, smores. And then everybody left and so we watch movies just the three of us.

We had such an amazing afternoon.
We love you so much Leani and Thank you so much for this awesome Surprise Birthday Party!! You are the best friend ever, ever. Love you.

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